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~Waxing Services~

All of our waxing services are done using Miss Care soft wax. This wax is vegan, low heat and extra gentle. Great for intimate areas and sensitive skin.

Body Waxing
Bikini wax $20 (female only)
Brazilian wax $40 (female only)
Buttocks wax $40 (female only)
Underarm wax $20
Arm wax - full $60

Arm wax - half $35
Leg wax - full $75
Leg wax - half $40
Back wax $50
Back Patch wax $20
Chest wax $50

Facial Waxing
Eyebrow wax $20

Upper Lip wax $20

Chin wax $20

Cheeks $20

Full Face wax $45

Hairline wax $20

Walk into Bliss Studio & Spa knowing all of your body waxing needs will be taken care of quickly and professionally.
*Our clients choose body waxing because of the many benefits:
 - No irritation, breakouts or razor burn like shaving
 - No stubble or "prickly" feeling when body hair grows back
 - Hair grows back softer and less dense
 - Feel silky smooth & clean for weeks
 - Save money & time on shaving products!

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