~Polarity Therapy~

60 Minute Polarity Session $50

90 Minute Polarity Session $75

*Each Polarity Therapy Session begins with a consultation so we can decide what your goals are for the session*

Polarity Therapy is a physical bodywork that compliments and enhances massage bodywork. My Polarity Therapy Practice focuses on the connection between Mental Health and Physical Health.

Polarity Therapy was discovered by Dr. Randolph Stone in the early 1900's. Dr. Stone believed mental and physical health are influenced by touch, diet, movement, sound, attitude, relationships and environmental factors.

Dr. Stone had doctorates in osteopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy. Dr. Stone traveled all over Europe, the United States, and India, learning the benefits of western and eastern medicine and eventually combining philosophies into one treatment:

Polarity Therapy.

Your mental and emotional health has a huge effect on your physical health. Polarity Therapy empowers clients to reach their highest potential and state of well being.

Learn to let go of thoughts and emotions that no longer support you. Many of my clients approach me with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress from work/family/home, or need motivation & inspiration to reach certain life goals.

If your physical needs are not being met through traditional massage, or you are starting to feel "stuck" in life, Polarity Therapy might be a more beneficial type of bodywork for you.

Benefits of Polarity Therapy Session:

 - Soothe muscles

 - Have your posture analyzed & adjusted

 - Activate your parasympathetic nervous system

 - Enter a meditative state of relaxation

 - Discuss diet, sleep patterns, and Polarity Yoga

 - Help you reach your highest potential & state of well being

 - End unhealthy emotional & thinking patterns

 - Learn to easily release stress from:

       *Partner *Family *Work *Home *Death *Life Event

       *Trauma: old or new - emotional or physical* Chronic Pain *Anxiety

~Treatment Enhancements~

Treatment Enhancements can be added to any skin treatments. Please add them to the "Add Your Message" box when booking your chosen facial/treatment online. Thank you!

Soothing Scalp Treatment $25
*This treatment provides extra moisture to the scalp and can help relieve dry or itchy scalp. This Soothing Scalp Treatment includes ingredients that nourish and heal the skin and increase circulation; menthol for a refreshing and cooling effect, and organic patchouli and bergamot essential oil provide a relaxing aroma, add this to your next massage or facial!